Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trying Out This Blog Thing

I have come to the conclusion that not many parents were using my webpage provided by the school. I think it was too difficult for parents to find and way too much work for me. So, I have decided to try out this blog. It is new to me as to most of you. Please feel free to ask questions often and leave comments. It is my intention to add to this regularly.


Anonymous said...

Miss.Renner i think that Thursday will be jam-packed. i think that Friday will be awesome. The choir consert will be SWEET. i would know because i'm in it.

monique said...

Hi Miss Renner you are so nice. You are the best teachers I had so far! I hope that I will be on the Jazzy Jaugers next year. Well can't wait for friday!!!!!

D - laney said...

Hey Mrs.Renner...... We are haveing lots of fun!!!!! We might go to the movies today.Bye!!!!!