Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pocohontas: Real or Fiction?

For the past few classes we have been studying the details of Jamestown, the first English permanent colony. We've learned about several key players that took part in the Jamestown story: John Smith, King James, John Rolfe, Powhatan and Pocohontas. Yes, Pocohontas is a real person from history. Many students were able to relate to the Disney movie dedicated to her. Unfortunately, they often perceive movies as historicial truth. Hopefully, students have been able to create a new (more accurate) understanding of this period in time. Students will receive a practice test this week. Please ask your child about the practice test and take time to review the information. There will be a test the following week.

Wednesday and Thursday are Parent/Teacher Conferences. Specific times have been sent home with each student. Please return the slip confirming your attendance at your child's scheduled time. We look forward to meeting with you! See you this week.

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