Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time Is My Nemesis (Ooooh Sparkle!)

Okay, so time is not always my friend. I have been ultra busy and apologize for neglecting my blog. School has been crazy with recent visits to the county jail, courthouse and 911 dispatch. We saw our judicial system in action! It was very interesting to actually see the criminal process and see how what we are studying is actually implemented.

Today, we migrated to the high school to watch the dress rehearsal of Cinderella. Wow, was that jam-packed with figurative language! My kids who are obsessed with vocabulary were have a hay day! We'll just have schedule some more appointments with their vocabulary therapists!

As a matter of fact, we will be diving into the Unit 5 words starting on Friday. Look out! You never know where they might be hiding in the real world.

In Social Studies, as we continue to learn about the 13 British colonies, we will begin to thread in information about federal, state and local governments. Please take time to talk to your kids about these different levels and how they affect our everyday lives.

Remember Friday of next week is no school (for kids, not adults!). It is also the end of the third marking period. Oh my! Only one more marking period to go and so much to cover! Yikes!

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