Sunday, September 28, 2008

15/20 Reading Challenge

As most parents are already aware, students will be involved in the 15/20 Reading Challenge for the rest of the year. Students who read a pre-approved book for 15 minutes a night for twenty nights a month will have met the challenge. This program is designed to encourage students to read books that interest them on a regular basis. Students seem very excited to be a part of this challenge as they check out books from me and the library. I strongly encourage parents to talk with their students each night about what is going on with their books. This will be a good opportunity for a comprehension check. I will be collecting the first 15/20 Reading Challenge sheets on Wednesday of this week. Students who meet the challenge each month not only receive an A for the challenge but also a coupon for a Pizza Hut pan pizza. Good luck and keep on reading!

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