Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Great First Week

Wow! What a great group of kids we have this year! From our initial impressions (oooh alliteration!), our students are geniunely interested in learning about the world around them. Many come in with valuable experiences that add to our discussions! What a fun year this is going to be!

We've dished out a lot of procedural information this week in an effort to set students up for success. Don't worry if your child is still uncertain about the way things work. The next couple of weeks will provide the experience they need to make their transition to fifth grade smooth.

In Language Arts, we've been writing Limericks to enter into a contest that the Chronicle is running for the Irish Music Festival. Students' final drafts are due at the end of the hour on Friday. I will then be mailing them out after school in an effort to meet the entry deadline. I was very impressed as I read through the rough drafts! We have a real shot at winning those cash prizes!

In Social Studies, we have started learning where the seven continents are. This information is critical background knowledge as we start to talk about explorers, colonization and government. Also, please make sure that your child has the designated supplies (1 inch binder, colored pencils and pencil pouch). We have already started to use these in class.

Next week, we have fall pictures on Wednesday. Keep your eyes open for picture package information to come home. I haven't seen any yet; but I would imagine something would be forthcoming.

Feel free to call, email or just stop by with any questions or concerns that you might have. I look forward to a fun-filled year of learning with your child. Thank you for all of your support!

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